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Exclusively assist the Outdoor Advertising industry with strategic asset acquisitions and divestitures

Offer growth-focused solutions to help OOH Operators optimize value and plan for the future

Led by a father-daughter team, Williamson & Associates has over 110 years of combined OOH industry experience making them perfectly positioned to assist outdoor advertising companies with asset acquisitions, divestitures, consulting services and valuation opinions.


"Marty & Amber displayed instrumental professionalism, grit, and insider-knowledge when brokering our deal. Their demeanor and working style made them feel like partners we could trust through the process. We could close in earnest knowing that they were paying attention to even the smallest detail - from start to finish. We would recommend and vouch for you to trust Williamson & Associates if you are buying or selling your out of home assets."
Travis Rhodes
Dusty's Outdoor Media
"When you've worked years building up a billboard plant, the thought of selling is both exciting and scary. Marty and Amber helped me overcome my fears by patiently guiding me through the sales process, securing a great buyer, and helping me negotiate a fair price. The result was a fast and (relatively) stress-free sale of my billboard assets for a life-changing amount of money! Thanks Marty and Amber! "
Matt Richman
Billboards for Education
Media Display
"My experience with Williamson & Associates has been first class from start to finish. I have respect for the responsible and professional job my broker, Mike Morrill, did throughout the entire process of offering my billboard company to prospective buyers. Mike’s great communication skills consistently addressed and answered every question and concern I expressed. Mike’s anticipation and direction through the process was top notch. Every aspect and preparation of the sale to buyer went smoothly with his help and explanation of the what and whys. I was able to realize and achieve my goals with the assistance of Mike and Williamson & Associates. The brokerage fee paid at closing was worth every dollar. I have emerged from the whole process grateful."
Eric Axel
Media Display
"I've done multiple deals with Marty on both sides of the transaction. I can tell you that, if at all possible, you want him in your corner. With his 30 plus years of experience, he always has a unique and helpful perspective on how to best achieve an expedient return on investment. I highly recommend Williamson & Associates "
Ike Wingate
Wingate MediaGroup, LLC